a winning team

  • Amy Smith
    Amy Smith
    Managing Director
    Amy Says: "Interactive technologies bring magic into the classroom."
  • Jodie Butler
    Jodie Butler
    Operations Director
    Jodie Says: "A fantastic opportunity for learners who otherwise would be without."
  • Lewisa Jordan
    Lewisa Jordan
    Assistant Head
    Lewisa Says: "Individualised programmes of learning are uniquely effective at Apricot."
  • Lisa Fellows
    Lisa Fellows
    Office Administrator
    Lisa Says: "The way students interact with their teachers and the progress they make with online learning is a huge advantage our students enjoy."
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About Apricot Online

Apricot really is the little fruit that could – sometimes the best alternative education provision comes in byte-size packages.

"Excellent communication,
professional yet also friendly and accommodating"
– London based client

Apricot strives to include, engage, and motivate students through the use of innovative technology. We can achieve this by bringing education to the student wherever they are. We also embrace and accommodate diversity among learners and break down barriers to learning through exceptional student-teacher relationships and socialising otherwise isolated students.

Apricot’s three main areas of service to clients and students are:

  • Reintegration to school
  • Enhancement for schools
  • Replacement of school

Apricot’s reputation is founded upon a succession of positive partnerships, predominantly with those responsible for the education and welfare of young people who cannot access or are at risk of failure in mainstream systems. We contribute to blended learning programmes designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for those concerned.

We have established relationships with PRUs, hospital and outreach services, academies, schools, and charities to accommodate and meet a diverse range of needs ranging from physical and mental health issues and behaviour-related concerns to simply helping to give a leg-up from a D to C grade at GCSE.

Detailed referral systems, qualified and experienced teachers, innovative technology, and the quality of our reporting enable us to offer positive education experiences for all. Our ongoing dialogue with clients, teachers, carers, and parents places each student at the centre of an education community addressing their needs holistically.

It has been observed that effective teamwork begins and ends with communication – that we are strong because being part of a team makes us selfless – where we feel that they are doing something for the greater good (Mike Kryzewski). Apricot offers just that sort of opportunity – a team with real communication skills – a team passionate about improving lives. We welcome all who are like-minded to join us!

Meet the team that works behind-the-scenes – and loves every minute of it!

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