a winning team

  • Amy Smith
    Amy Smith
    Managing Director
    Amy Says: "Interactive technologies bring magic into the classroom."
  • Jodie Butler
    Jodie Butler
    Operations Director
    Jodie Says: "A fantastic opportunity for learners who otherwise would be without."
  • Lewisa Jordan
    Lewisa Jordan
    Assistant Head
    Lewisa Says: "Individualised programmes of learning are uniquely effective at Apricot."
  • Lisa Fellows
    Lisa Fellows
    Office Administrator
    Lisa Says: "The way students interact with their teachers and the progress they make with online learning is a huge advantage our students enjoy."
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The Apricot Vision

To include, engage, and motivate students through the use of innovative technology; to bring education to the student wherever they are; and, to embrace and accommodate diversity among learners by transcending barriers to learning. 

We aim to provide a holistic, warm environment – whether for 1:1 or group classes, where learners feel respected and nurtured. Even at a distance, we want our students to feel secure and supported so they might better re-engage with the learning process. We teach both the child and the subject. Emphasis is placed on mutual respect and building a sound relationship between teacher and pupils whilst maintaining high expectations and standards.

Reintegration – Returning to education can be a daunting prospect for any student who has missed substantial periods of teaching, has been subject to a negative experience in school, or who has rejected personal learning. Apricot’s overcomes these barriers to learning by bringing education to the student and removing the distractions and anxieties they may associate with a traditional classroom setting. Our lessons can reinstall structure to a child’s day, reintroduce learning as a regular feature in their lives, and bridge the gap between home and school – paving the way for a return to mainstream education.

Enhancement – Apricot’s live, interactive teaching makes a valid contribution to existing education provisions. Guaranteeing that IT is embedded throughout the curriculum, online teaching and learning connects the physical to the virtual world to enhance the learning experience. Whether access to subject expertise currently unavailable in an institution, extra input to assist a boost at GCSE, or simply an alternative means of accessing provision, Apricot adds value to any current programme.

Replacement – In some cases, mainstream education simply doesn’t represent the right environment for vulnerable young people to flourish. Apricot can complement any alternative curriculum designed to meet complex and diverse needs of learners who would otherwise struggle to engage. By delivering the academic content of any subject and offering an inclusive learning environment, Apricot can help learners realize an opportunity to achieve potential that has otherwise passed them by.