a winning team

  • Amy Smith
    Amy Smith
    Managing Director
    Amy Says: "Interactive technologies bring magic into the classroom."
  • Jodie Butler
    Jodie Butler
    Operations Director
    Jodie Says: "A fantastic opportunity for learners who otherwise would be without."
  • Lewisa Jordan
    Lewisa Jordan
    Assistant Head
    Lewisa Says: "Individualised programmes of learning are uniquely effective at Apricot."
  • Lisa Fellows
    Lisa Fellows
    Office Administrator
    Lisa Says: "The way students interact with their teachers and the progress they make with online learning is a huge advantage our students enjoy."
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What Our Teachers Say

Apricot Teachers Love Their Work!


"Working at Apricot enables a staff member to be part of a very supportive team who strive for excellence in teaching and learning. The right work-life balance is achieved through an enjoyable and flexible teaching timetable. I am able to utilise all subject specialisms I hold fully.

Continual Professional Development occurs in order for teachers to be at the forefront of innovative software resource packages and ideas for online teaching. The wide range of bespoke courses on offer enables progression for students so that they can achieve their very best through encouragement, direct teaching, and support. Real learning takes place within active learning environments for both the student and for the teacher."

Lisa, English and Humanities


I’ve fallen in love with teaching again and that is because working for Apricot gives me the opportunity to teach and help students to build on their learning without my working day being restricted by so many other factors that occur in schools. When students achieve, I feel fulfilled because I know how much it means to them in the short term and the difference it can make to their long term outcomes.

Working for Apricot has reinvigorated my teaching! Being an online educator presents its own set of challenges and, with the support from Apricot, I have been able to develop my lessons and skills. I love the flexibility and variety that comes with the job and the opportunity it has given me to be a part of a forward thinking environment striving for the best in education."

Melanie, Maths Teacher


"As a teacher who has recently joined Apricot, I am really enjoying teaching online! The whole process allows you to see students achieving their full potential by being fully (or mostly!) engaged within their lessons and gaining back a sense enjoyment, when it can so easily be lost. The staff at Apricot Online have been really supportive, especially when it feels like I have a hundred and one questions. Each one is patiently answered and to quote 'never be afraid to ask.' I cannot recommend Apricot Online highly enough!"

Emily, Computing and Business Studies


“I love teaching online because it fills me with a sense of achievement every day. I feel as though the students gain so much from every lesson. They are on task all the time and have little to distract them from their studies. There are great opportunities for interactive learning and thus the teaching is not always teacher led. It is a very rewarding and fulfilling job.”

Donna, Maths Teacher


“I work with committed, experienced professional educators who help provide access to education for children who either by choice, situation or health have difficulty accessing school – both children who really want to engage and children who really don't want to engage! Providing education in an online environment has provided a different pedagogical challenge, but I feel very well supported by everyone at Apricot HQ.

Apricot Online has given me the flexibility I needed and on top of all of that it's great fun and very rewarding!”

Simon, Computing Teacher