Do the Chunky Monkey!

Posted 10/12/2018

No, we’re not suggesting you feed your children ice cream! You may have heard a lot about chunking tasks, projects, and homework as an effective method of overcoming anxiety, raising motivation, and improving retention – but what exactly is chunking? And how do you go about it?

 When faced with a large amount of information to learn, children can become quickly overwhelmed. Chunking involves breaking down this information into smaller pieces that are more easily digested and accessible.

 However, when breaking up text, you must divide it into related, logical, meaningful, and sequential segments. This makes the information easier to process, learn, and remember. When breaking down texts, ensure that the first bit relates to the second, which expands upon the first, and so on. This promotes a consistent and coherent flow of information. Working memory has a limited capacity to process information before it’s integrated into long-term memory, so each chunk should be small enough to be easily absorbed by your child. Think of chunks as building blocks, each one building on the other.