Does your child LOVE school?

Posted 04/12/2018

If not, why not? It’s important that your child values his or her education. If they do, they’ll be more engaged and interested in what they’re learning, work harder, persist when things get difficult, and enjoy themselves more.

Hear are five tips to help your child love school more:

1. Point out the value of lessons to their future career. If they are particularly good at something, get them to list the jobs they could do in with that skill.

2. Help them to link what they’re learning at school with world events. Read through a current newspaper or news web site and discuss links between the issues discussed with lessons at school.

3. Talk about the 21st century skills they learn at school that are nothing to do with lessons, such as how they make decisions, approach schoolwork, organise their time, and resist peer pressure. Discuss how these skills will help them later in life.

4. Help them link what they learn at school with how it might help them in other areas of life. Ask them to list three subjects (one they like, one they don’t like, and one they find difficult) and then list hobbies, games, books or TV programmes that can be linked to these subjects and describe how they connect.

5. Be a role model. Show them how you value what is being taught.