Five points to look for in an online AP education service

Posted 06/07/2018

lternative Provision (AP) education is widely available online, but how do you ensure that your child is safe? And how will you your child will be taught correctly? Look for these points when evaluating an online provider:

1. Is the learning platform encrypted? Most people are aware of encryption for online shopping (look for the browser padlock). Online platforms should also use this form of encryption.

2. What are the procedures for attendance?

3. Are lessons recorded? This is a must.

4. Will my child be taught to the correct level? Just because your child may be the right age for Key Stage 4, doesn’t mean that they should be taught to that level. If a child has missed a year of school, for example, KS3 may be more appropriate.

5. Have the teachers and staff been subjected to an enhanced DBS Check (Disclosure & Barring Service – formerly CRB)? The enhanced DBS not only checks criminal records, but also looks for other information on suitability. This must also include a Barred List Check which includes information such as the teacher’s suitability for working with children or court orders barring them from certain roles.

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