How to find funding for Alternative Provision

Posted 03/07/2018

It’s distressing to discover your child is unable to attend school for a long period of time. This could be because of a long-term physical illness, or social/mental problems such as depression, stress or anxiety, or perhaps a disability. Alternative Provision, or AP, may have been mentioned to you as a parent, but finding the funding is difficult and there is no simple answer. To ensure funding for your child’s continuing education, follow these steps and prepare to be persistent:

1. Talk to your school’s Head Teacher in the first instance. He or she will be aware of AP and may know where to look to find funding. Ask to be assessed under EHCP (Education Health & Care Plan).

2. If the Head Teacher can’t help, talk to your local council – ask for the Head of Inclusion and discuss the issue.

3. For students who cannot attend school because of health problems, again your local council or school should be able to help – you may have heard of SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities). This covers a range of issues from behavioural and social problems to dyslexia. In such cases, ask to speak to the SENCO (SEN Coordinator) at your school. Should the school not have one, take a look at the Information, Advice, and Support Services Network -

4. The important thing is to keep trying – it can be difficult, but usually someone will have the answer – eventually.

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