Online learning gives vulnerable students a helping hand

Posted 16/07/2018

Vulnerable students often need an extra helping hand, and online learning is one way to out them back on the path to educational success. Booster and catch-up lessons can help, and in an online environment problematic external factors can be eliminated.

One-to-one help is often available, but most provide classes of less than 10 students allowing close contact with the teacher, and the anonymity of online learning allows students to thrive without the pressure of a traditional classroom where all eyes seem focused on their apparent weaknesses.

Differentiation is also a key element. While content can remain the same for all, the approach by the teacher can be tailored to the ability of the child, regardless of age. Differentiation between subjects can also be accommodated; for example a student may excel at English, but be poor at maths, and the teacher can take a different approach in each.