Overcoming rejection after exclusion

Posted 06/11/2018

For many behaviourally challenged students, being excluded from school is another rejection. They often feel ‘being bad’ is something they can be good at. Unless you help them to see they have other things going for them, they will believe neither in themselves nor their future.

Synchronous online teaching is one solution that can address the problem of excluded students disengaging – not just with education, but with themselves and life in general. We help them take back control of their learning by assessing their needs and abilities, and collaborating with them in the construction of their curriculum. The online environment also removes the audience reaction that often validates bad behaviour.

We’ve had great success with disruptive and challenged students; they’re often real characters, very intelligent and responsive to student-led learning. When we tell these students we’re proud of them, it can be the first time anyone has said that to them in their lives. Even better, we let them know they should be proud of themselves.