Success comes in many forms - not just grades

Posted 17/07/2018

Defining success for a student can be difficult in a world where everyone seems to be striving for the highest grade. It can be disheartening for the student and in extreme cases lead to a downward spiral of performance, behaviour and poor mental health.

If a student begins to lose heart, it’s important to create an awareness of where he or she can excel. Building self-belief is paramount, and can be achieved by celebrating even small performance improvements. Perhaps the student has managed 100% attendance, is very positive or has a great sense of humour – at Apricot we make sure these behaviours are commended and highlighted with our Certificates of Awesomeness.

There is a logic to the cycle of failure that can be hard to break: if a student fails at one task, he or she may naturally assume that they are somehow lacking in ability. It’s important to break this logic and encourage the student away from the myopic view of being defined by any single thing.