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  • Is Co-Contruction a Misnomer?
    Posted 12/3/2019
    Is Co-Contruction a Misnomer? When I was a little girl, I bought a new wallet with my pocket money. When I got home I began, excitedly, to fill in the identification card – name, address, colour of hair, colour of eyes, etc. But, when I came to the box marked “sex,” I was perplexed and asked my mother for help. She said, “This is where you indicate whether you are a little girl or a little boy. And since you’re a little girl, you put female.” “Oh Mommy,” I said, “I know who I am; I just couldn’t think of the name.” We all know who we are as teachers, but names are important and naming conventions are telling. If we are to be Co-Constructors of curriculum, then we need to be clear about the implications of that term and what it means for us and our students. Frances Edwards defines co-construction as “a dynamic process in which what is taught and learned (the curriculum) is negotiated between teachers and students, rather than being solely pre-determined by the teacher.”[1] With this definition I am left wondering just how much 'voice' teachers should expect students to have in the design and conduct of their studies. Is…
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