On-Demand Inclusion Rooms

Posted 20/07/2014

Sometimes when students need help, they need it immediately! Enter our On-Demand Inclusion Room, offering instant access to three hours a day of core subject lessons. Rather than issuing individual usernames, you receive lots of 3-5 generic usernames. This allows your students to access our Inclusion Room immediately upon entering your Inclusion Room.

Inclusion rooms form part of a school’s specific approach to promoting positive behaviour among their students. Learners are generally placed in these rooms due to inappropriate behaviour, often a symptom of their lack of interest in the learning process and curriculum work. The standard approach is for teachers to plan and supply specific and differentiated lessons for these students; a difficult task for teachers who still need to continue focussing on the other students still in lessons. Inclusion Room students require materials and goals that will stimulate and engage them. Creating these requires some time and effort. Unfortunately, this extra time is not always guaranteed and Inclusion Room lessons often lack the extra element of excitement required to motivate these students. The concept of inclusion is a solid one and the key to its success is to provide stimulating and interesting work in a very positive learning environment. This stimulation can effect real, positive change in the attitudes and behaviour of students, making effective Inclusion Room lesson plans vital to the success of the concept.

Apricot Online, a leading online education provider, can solve any school’s inclusion provision problems, specifically when it comes to providing fun, engaging and interactive lessons for troubled students. Apricot is a Virtual School teaching time-tabled lessons that are designed to supplement curriculums and work in collaboration with teachers and local schools in order to maximise learning. Apricot’s Inclusion Rooms provide 3 hours of teacher-led lessons each morning in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. They provide batches of 3-5 generic usernames, allowing schools on-demand access for students every day of the week. In addition to media-rich lessons, students enjoy access to all of Apricot’s own interactive learning resources as well as their education subscriptions, including Sam Learning, My Maths and Education City. Students are continuously engaged by Apricot’s qualified teachers, who are CRB/DBS checked and experienced in online teaching. Using presentations, virtual tours, audio, video and multimedia activities, students are exposed to innovative learning techniques that require their constant participation. On top of this, the provisioning of online lessons serves to raise the IT profile of any school.

Apricot’s Inclusion Room lessons run on a rotating six-week curriculum of fun and engaging lessons: resulting in students’ re-engaging with their own learning and fostering the desire to return to their school work and classmates. Our teachers are recruited nationwide, not only for their expertise, but for their personalities. They are instinctively flexible, caring and supportive, empathising with learners. They prevent the Inclusion Room from being a dumping ground or holding cell and make a valuable contribution to any school’s behavioural and improvement policy and support reintegration. Both our teachers and our students love this opportunity to play with their interactive skills. Lessons are extremely inventive and designed to help everyone fall in love with learning again. Just what these students need!

With the help of Apricot Online, schools can be confident that their students have positive and supportive access to core subject lessons that will hold their focus and even inspire them. When it comes to inclusion-based lessons, Apricot Online is an effective intervention, one that many students need in order to adopt a positive approach to school. If implemented properly, Inclusion Rooms can allow students to flourish again; and, with the implementation of Apricot’s programmes, this result can be reached sooner rather than later.