Practical Pedagogies 2018

Posted 06/11/2018

Our trip to Cologne in November for the Practical Pedagogies teacher training conference was a fantastic success - truly inspirational! Here are some of the highlights:

How to use video feedback in formative assessment – great for our online environment, where students rarely “see” their teachers – serves to humanise us a bit and enhance relationships….

The Joy of Co-Construction: Securing deep knowledge and understanding by sharing the curriculum planning and delivery with your students – student understanding and ownership of the curriculum.

Growth Mindset: How to support those with Special Educational Needs – freeing children’s minds from closed mindset so they can achieve more in a growth mindset.

Equality and Diversity in the Classroom – understanding student needs through empathy and experimental experience.

Gamification: How to Design a Game-Inspired Course – using Google Forms to unlock incremental activities on a timer – like an Escape Room.

Concept-based Units of Inquiry – reimagining the curriculum based on how the brain processes factual, procedural, and conceptual knowledge to promote reflective and transferable knowledge from context to context by identifying the concepts driving each unit. Using this conceptual lens on each topic so students can discover for themselves the Big Idea that’s transferable.

Mental Toughness: Practical ways to develop resilient students – risk factors and strategies for helping students to bounce back from adversity.