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Groups and 121

Choosing Groups or 121 lessons

Commissioned groups represent the most cost effective and personalised way to access our online provision.

Commissioned Groups:

  • Create your own timetables
  • Select your preferred exam boards
  • Create groups out of students who may not share the same physical space
  • Communication between students is restricted to those selected by the client to join the group

There is a minimum of just 5 students required to commission a group and, thus, allow you to raise your IT profile by integrate online learning as part of your institution’s regular curriculum.

Sometimes students, for a variety of reasons, are unable to interact positively with others in the online environment, or may have schedules that require much more flexibility. For these students, Apricot can offer 121 lessons.

121 Lessons allow for:

  • Personal tailoring of subjects and content
  • Timetable to suit the individual
  • The ability to rearrange lessons around medical or other commitments

121 is most frequently accessed by young people exhibiting high levels of anxiety or by those requiring an especially high level of individual attention.