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Inclusion Room

Finding the right key for your inclusion strategy – at the right time...

Offering a short-notice solution to a short-term need, our On-Demand Inclusion Room ensures students have access to a structured alternative to school when time-out is required. Generic usernames place you in control of instant referral to your own online inclusion solution for students – on or off-site.

Making a valid contribution to your inclusion strategy, Apricot’s inclusion room allows access to 3 hours/day of live, interactive, differentiated teaching in core subject areas. Using innovative technology as an effective means of re-engaging reluctant learners, Apricot can motivate students and improve attitudes to learning.

A rotating six-week curriculum provides a high turnover of activities with a focus on light-hearted learning to ensure students want to remain a part of school life and later return to class alongside their peers.

A half-term trial will allow you to see for yourself the impact that Apricot can have on your school’s inclusion needs.

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Inclusion Room Offers:

  • 3 hours/day of timetabled core subjects Monday-Friday
  • Rotating 6-weekly curriculum
  • Generic usernames for instant access

Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all generic student log-in details remain confidential.

The client remains accountable for the physical learning environment and for ensuring that students remain supervised while accessing online learning.

The client must judge whether the student is in a suitable frame of mind to engage effectively in online learning. Apricot will not exclude students from the inclusion room; however, those presenting extreme anti-social behaviours online at the expense of the education and welfare of others will be confined to individual breakout rooms within the online lesson.