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KS3 Education

Getting back on track with KS3 education


Re-engagement with education is the main focus of our Key Stage 3 provision. Many clients use us to inspire and motivate their students, with a view to reintegrating them into mainstream school.

Apricot teachers offer a wide range of subjects beyond core English, Maths, and Science, including Humanities, Computing, and Modern Foreign Languages. Literacy and numeracy skills are embedded into all lessons. While Apricot’s Key Stage 3 provision is linked to the National Curriculum, it is not limited by it. Students who are Gifted and Talented will be stretched and challenged by the addition of elements of the GCSE Provision, if this is suitable for their needs. Our teaching is very much shaped by the individual learning needs of the student!


  • KS3 students who require re-engagement
  • KS3 students who have long-term physical, social, emotional, or mental health issues
  • KS4 students who may exhibit gaps in learning


  • Access to the National Curriculum for core subjects
  • Additional subjects (e.g., Computing & MFL) can be commissioned to extend the timetable
  • 121 classes can be booked to provide specific support
  • In-depth Student Progress Tracking reports