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Our Programmes

Mainstream schools may no longer be the best solution for some Students. Apricot offers individualised learning -- Because Every Child Matters

There are many different reasons why a mainstream school might not work for a child and many people are recognising that there needs to be a more flexible and innovative alternative solution. As technology increasingly becomes an integral feature of the lives of young people, the profile of online education is growing. Apricot is at the vanguard of interactive, teacher-led, online education.

In response to this, Apricot has developed a variety of targeted programmes to meet the needs of learners at all levels and to enhance both the number of subjects and the number of hours your students are provided with education. Apricot offers flexible provision to suit a range of requirements from groups to 121s. As an online provider Apricot cannot be a registered exam centre, but we can deliver the academic content of any syllabus.

  • Choice of Subjects (most academic subjects covered at KS2-KS5)
  • Recorded Lessons (for Safeguarding, Catch-Up, Revision, and QA)
  • Interactive Activities (award-winning software used within lessons and beyond)
  • Small Class Sizes (up to 10 maximum)
  • Termly Bookable (allows for flexibility and ease of payment)

Post 16 programmes include A Levels, as well as accommodating students continuing their studies of English and Maths at GCSE level and/or Employability Skills. Small group situations ensure highly focussed teaching input to cover course content in depth.

GCSE programmes offer innovative approaches that work flexibly with young people and enable them to achieve their potential. An array of subjects, exam boards, and levels are offered. Whether a student intends to continue on to further education, gain an apprenticeship, or move on to the world of work, Apricot can prepare them.

Functional Skills programmes focus on the essential skills that young people need to participate in life, learning, and work. They are mainly taught as stand-alone qualifications in their own right at Entry Level, Level 1, and Level 2, in English, Maths, and ICT.

KS3 programmes ensure robust academic input, twinned with engaging, interactive lessons that focus on literacy and numeracy skills. For many students, this approach facilitates reintegration to mainstream school. It also adds close tracking, nurturing, and the soft skills training necessary to tackle poor motivation and behavioural issues.

KS2 programmes concentrate on building student success and confidence by embedding literacy and numeracy into each lesson. Beyond the core subjects, Apricot’s Primary teachers also deliver Computing and MFL, giving these young students their best chance to reintegrate successfully into mainstream school. 

INCLUSION ROOM students gain instant access to three hours a day of core subject lessons designed especially for re-engaging reticent learners. An on-demand solution to short-term inclusion requirements, lessons are extremely inventive and help everyone fall in love with learning again. Just what these students need! Re-engagement is the name of this game.