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Luke is a year 11 pupil, excluded twice in the past, with a low attendance history and little hope of any formal qualifications. His Local Authority put in place an individual package for him, coupling our Year 10 education programme with vocational work experience near home. Luke found the less confrontational learning online suited him. Slowly, but steadily – and with lessons geared to usage in the real world, Luke re-engaged. The addition of careers, mentoring, and soft skills inputs enabled him to mature and begin to have confidence in his own future. He gained Level 1 ICT Functional Skills and Entry 3 Maths and English. Next term Luke will be joining a post-16 Apprenticeship course.

Feel the freedom!

Apricot Online offers a go-anywhere solution to alternative learning provision. We bring school to the pupil wherever there is a computer and a broadband connection. And a growing number of clients throughout the UK are taking a byte of what we have to offer: live, interactive online education delivered by qualified teachers.

Career evolution

Apricot offers short courses in independent careers advice. Apricot promotes the discovery of the self in helping students determine appropriate career paths. Work related learning is essential for many young people at risk. Learning how to cooperate with others and recognise authority in the work place is just as important as workplace skills.

Learn from home

It's never easy to be isolated. Apricot lends a hand by linking with other students across the country from the comfort of your students' own home or hospital bed. Pupils with a diversity of needs ranging from physical or mental health problems, SEN, social difficulties, behaviour issues or simply requiring a little extra support to re-engage with learning are all progressing with Apricot’s support and innovative online education techniques.

Just imagine...

Let our technology lead the way to great ideas for all your students. Re-engagement is our strength and exciting new ways of thinking and learning is our passion. Our students routinely make improvements not only in academic performance, but also in their confidence, motivation, punctuality, and ability to settle into lessons.