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"Thank you all so much for your patience and hard work.  We are absolutely amazed and delighted with these results, confirmation that Apricot Online really does work!

L has surpassed everyone’s expectations and has been offered a place at Moulton College to study at an extended Diploma Level, which she thought was simply beyond her dreams.  She has a long way to go with a few battles ahead but these results have given her such a boost.  She was at an all-time low when she started her learning with you. I cannot thank you enough for giving her the chance to carry on her education when all else seemed lost. 

With thanks and very best regards."


"My son used your services for two and a bit years whilst he was too ill to attend  school in 2014 to 2016. I just wanted to say thank you for all your team did for him. He just received his GCSE grades: 5 A's 2 B's and a C, but he recieved grade A in both English exams and Maths which he couldn't have achieved without your staff's help at the hardest time in his life. Now he is going for A Levels. My wife and I, and especially B wanted to say thank you!"


"N collected GCSE results today and is really pleased with her results which are as follows: English Language – Grade 9; English Literature – Grade 9. Thank you so much for your time with Niamh and helping her achieve her best. We are very proud."


"I just wanted to let you know that M got a Grade 8 for his GCSE, which he's delighted with. He thought the exams were 'stupidly' hard and he didn't think he'd done so well.  He passed all his subjects. The Head of Sixth Form is optimistic and glad to be able to welcome M back to school after such a long absence. Thank you for all your encouragement and hard work with M. Your belief in him has paid off!"


"My husband and I would like to thank you for your patience and skills in helping L to prepare herself for her GCSE.  We honestly did not expect to be in a position where she felt comfortable enough to take these exams, and that is down to you and the teachers from Apricot persevering with her and allowing her to complete the course in a way she felt comfortable with.

L has taken her Science exams and when we know the result I will let you know.  For us, the fact that she even went into the exam room to take them is worth an A*. She has been through a very rough few years, but the stability of lessons each day whilst feeling safe in her own home has helped her get the courage to start to face life again.

She has applied and been accepted at a college near to us to study Animal Welfare. The classroom will be a mighty challenge for her, but she wants to succeed. She had woken up again to the joy of learning and I can't thank you enough for your part in that."


"Just wanted to thank you and the teachers for the work you are doing with K.  It's hard to believe this time last year he could not leave the house due to so many anxiety attacks which led him to stop eating. Apricot Online has been an absolute miracle for him. Not only him but me as well. I am so happy to see my son actually look forward to lessons and then ask for more! This is something that he has never done and this is the first time that K has ever shown any excitement or enthusiasm for learning. That is a huge hurdle for him as emotions are difficult for him.

Thankyou again from the bottom of my heart."


"I thought you might be pleased to hear that G got a C in his Science module 1 exams (almost a B!) and a B in module 2. He got 76% in both Module 2 Chemistry and Physics exams and the only revision he did for them outside of his sessions with you was 2 hours of Chemistry!"


"Let me take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Apricot for the support afforded to W last term. Your online learning provision was invaluable in providing him with some structure and a focus for his studies during his time out of a formal school setting."


"We are thrilled. J is at this moment singing "I’ve got a B". He was only 4 marks off an "A" so he is very proud. Helen has done a brilliant job. I know she worked incredibly hard with him. He would like to login to his lesson tomorrow to thank her. His interview has gone well today, he wants to work with animals, and is aiming to do either a Vet Nurse degree or Zoology, as he’s brilliant with animals. So the Maths was very important to him. Again, a huge thanks to Helen!"


"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with the GCSE tuition for my daughter, J.  She just got her GCSE results, and she got an A* in the exam you helped her prepare for, and an A* in the whole subject.  So, thanks again for your part in helping her get such an excellent result!"


"S is so motivated. The change is really lovely to see. She is really enjoying her lessons. Mike has been brilliant with her — please can we have him next year! I would also like to thank you for all the help and advice you have given us."


Feel the freedom!

Apricot Online offers a go-anywhere solution to alternative learning provision. We bring school to the pupil wherever there is a computer and a broadband connection. And a growing number of clients throughout the UK are taking a byte of what we have to offer: live, interactive online education delivered by qualified teachers.

Career evolution

Apricot offers short courses in independent careers advice. Apricot promotes the discovery of the self in helping students determine appropriate career paths. Work related learning is essential for many young people at risk. Learning how to cooperate with others and recognise authority in the work place is just as important as workplace skills.

Learn from home

It's never easy to be isolated. Apricot lends a hand by linking with other students across the country from the comfort of your students' own home or hospital bed. Pupils with a diversity of needs ranging from physical or mental health problems, SEN, social difficulties, behaviour issues or simply requiring a little extra support to re-engage with learning are all progressing with Apricot’s support and innovative online education techniques.

Just imagine...

Let our technology lead the way to great ideas for all your students. Re-engagement is our strength and exciting new ways of thinking and learning is our passion. Our students routinely make improvements not only in academic performance, but also in their confidence, motivation, punctuality, and ability to settle into lessons.