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Hawkswood’s remit is to engage and educate pupils who experience a range of mental health issues (Tier 1 through to Tier4) at the fragile end of the mental health spectrum. Most of our pupils have disengaged with mainstream education; some may not be able to leave their homes due to the nature of their difficulties.

Hawkswood has been working together with Apricot Online for since 2011. The day-to-day teaching and learning is now uniquely tied to the bespoke, innovative and interactive learning environment that Apricot provides. Pupils have developed strong relationships with the online teaching staff and are fully engaged with and supportive of the learning process using the online platform.

Apricot is more of a working partner than an organisation from which we purchase resources.  The flexibility of Apricot’s approach means that pupils can learn from any environment and have access to recorded lessons and online resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Apricot appreciates the enthusiasm of young people for social media and enhances their curriculum offer with subscriptions to MyMaths, MangaHigh Maths, IntoScience, Science Bits, TeachIT English, TeachICT, and others, at no extra cost to Hawkswood.

Termly meetings and joint working allows for cycles of QA, appraisal and evaluation; and a robust assessment package ensures that all pupils are monitored and progress tracked. Our belief in the validity and sustainability of working with Apricot is evidenced in our OFSTED report which highlighted that we are making good progress and well on the way to Outstanding. Ongoing CPD and joint CPD ensures that teachers are kept up-to-date with current teaching pedagogy and practice.

Apricot have become a working partner rather than a resource purchased. Apricot is now an integral part of Hawkswood and our research indicates that there is no other provider nationally that could offer us anywhere near the same provision, positive working relationship, or genuine care and concern for the educational development of our pupils.


Local Authority

Pupils are enjoying sessions, which is a good indicator. We got Oustranding in our recent Ofsted across the board and were praised for the diversity, flexibility, and personalisation of our curriculum, including the use of electronic learning.



We have been very pleased with the service offered. It has allowed us to access subjects we cannot normally offer in homes, such as modern foreign languages, and to increase the number of hours of education for isolated learners. For pupils with conditions such as chronic fatigue, they can access the lessons from their beds and it has allowed them continuity of education.



Both B & the HLTA who supports B were really impressed and enjoyed today's lesson. The HLTA, in particular, could not praise you enough - she said that picked up on B's mood through what she was typing and that you treated the whole lesson with sensitivity. That is much appreciated. B also is really enjoying the pace at which the lessons are going and that you ask permission when "taking over" her screen. So a huge thank you for making your lessons enjoyable and absolutely suited to a delicate student. It is really very much appreciated.



You may well have been told, but J gained an A* in English Language and a B in Literature. It shows the Apricot system really does work. This added to A in RE, B in Art and a C gained last year in Maths means she was absolutely delighted. Thank you for all your help.



I just wanted to pass on how impressed I am with CK's History lessons. They are so well structured and the teacher always ensures CK has understood what has been taught. This is a massive thing for CK, as she will say she understands when she probably hasn't. Credit where credit is due.


Feel the freedom!

Apricot Online offers a go-anywhere solution to alternative learning provision. We bring school to the pupil wherever there is a computer and a broadband connection. And a growing number of clients throughout the UK are taking a byte of what we have to offer: live, interactive online education delivered by qualified teachers.

Career evolution

Apricot offers short courses in independent careers advice. Apricot promotes the discovery of the self in helping students determine appropriate career paths. Work related learning is essential for many young people at risk. Learning how to cooperate with others and recognise authority in the work place is just as important as workplace skills.

Learn from home

It's never easy to be isolated. Apricot lends a hand by linking with other students across the country from the comfort of your students' own home or hospital bed. Pupils with a diversity of needs ranging from physical or mental health problems, SEN, social difficulties, behaviour issues or simply requiring a little extra support to re-engage with learning are all progressing with Apricot’s support and innovative online education techniques.

Just imagine...

Let our technology lead the way to great ideas for all your students. Re-engagement is our strength and exciting new ways of thinking and learning is our passion. Our students routinely make improvements not only in academic performance, but also in their confidence, motivation, punctuality, and ability to settle into lessons.