Do you offer interventions?

Yes. We have several interventions for key marginal students and those who have gaps in their learning. Click here to learn more.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes. One full term. However, your students can begin their lessons at any point in the school year – we will work out the number of weeks for your committment.

What is your notification period?

Once the minimum provision threshold has been met (one full term), our notification period is only 48 hours. This must be made in writing (email is fine).

Where do lessons take place?

Our provision can be accessed anywhere there is a computer/laptop with a good broadband connection. Students can login to their lessons from any safe environment, including their own bedroom.

Who are your teachers?

All teachers have QTS and years of experience in traditional classroom settings. The diversity of character, expertise, and teaching styles within our team enables compatibility matching between teachers and student, creating positive working relationships that lead to successful learning.

What reporting do you offer?

Live Reports Cards are accessible on our learning platform and include

  • Attendance
  • 21st c. Skills
  • Learning Behaviours
  • Academic progress through grades and individual AO
  • Termly ILPs with teacher comments
Should I book a Group or 1:1 lessons?

Frequently our students are already isolated by their circumstances. So we encourage enrolment in a group programme to enable a sense of awareness of learning alongside others and to promote the ability to interact with peers. Your groups are open only to those referred by you. Our 1:1 teaching service is available for those unable to access group learning.

What if a student doesn't attend?

Once a student is booked on one of our Group programmes, the place is interchangeable with another student. We offer a roll on/roll off education service.

What is your pricing?

We offer a range of price points. Please get in contact to discuss your needs on 01242 604985.

Do you charge a setup fee?

No. Apricot does not charge any setup fees.

What about safeguarding?

Safeguarding is intrinsic to all that we do. Recruitment of teachers, referral of students, the security of our platform, and our daily procedures are all founded on best safeguarding practice. All of our lessons are recorded for safeguarding purposes and two trained designated safeguarding leads for child protection are available at all times.

What about Ofsted?

As an alternative education provider, Apricot is not subject to direct scrutiny by Ofsted. However, we recognise that our clients generally are and, therefore, seek to uphold Ofsted’s expectations on their behalf. Taking a best fit approach, we observe Ofsted’s section 5 inspection criteria along with the statutory guidance for alternative provision issued to local authorities by the DfE. We do all we can to safely justify your decision to work with us and will participate in your inspection on request.

As an expert in online AEP, Apricot has been invited by the DfE to advise on future government education imperatives. These include the quality assurance and registration of online schools, the inspection framework for online education providers, and the training of Ofsted inspectors.