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Is an online British curriculum a quality education?

The English National Curriculum is renowned as one of the best educations in the world. All of our UK qualified teachers are veteran classroom practitioners who have learned how to engage learners online through a myriad of interactive activities. They have a breadth of exprience with mainstream students and students with significant barriers to learning. Class sizes are kept small (maximum 12 students) in order to facilitate personalised learning. Our teachers pay attention to your child.

Time zones and flipped classroom

In order to serve students in our international community, our lessons are held between 10am-1pm GMT.

  • If your country is ahead of the UK in time, then we provide a series of self-study opportunities (flipped classroom) to prepare for lessons that would take place in your afternoon.
  • If your country is behind the UK in time, then lessons would take place in your early morning and students’ self-study would be considered homework.

All lessons are taught in English.

5 Subject package

Your child can receive a full English curriculum (KS3 or GCSE) for these five subjects that meet 3 times/week each:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Computer Science
  • Business Studies

Lessons are £15/hour — totalling £9,000/year — or — £1,500/6-week term.

Why choose Apricot for you British curriculum homeschooling?

Apricot is recognised in the UK as a premiere online school.

  • Our teachers are experienced online classroom practitioners and know how to engage their students
  • Our teachers are qualified specialists and are safeguarded through enhanced DBS and safer employement practices
  • We offer a breadth of subjects
  • We teach the whole child – helping your child to overcome any learning obstacles and develop 21st c. skills (especially confidence and resilience)
  • Our reporting on student progress is second to none – not only for grades, but for soft skills, subject-specific assessment objectives, and learning behaviours – all of which are colour-coded for ease of reading

Science Animations
Drag-n-Drop Science

Motivational Awards and Badges

Students love their efforts and skills to be recognised. Each subject offers a range of awards to motivate students through course pathways, including attendance, effort, achievement, and many, many more.

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