How it works

How it works

The referral process

Student referrals usually start with a phone call to Apricot so that you can tell us about your students’ needs. You will be asked for student and course information, as well as to provide outcomes and objectives for the placement as a whole. These are then shared with teachers, who use them to shape their lessons and learning outcomes.

Prior to starting lessons, students receive an induction that introduces them to our learning platform and the interactivity of the online classroom. We show them how much fun learning this way can be and how much control they will have in the classroom. Students will also need to consent to our Acceptable Use Agreement at the end of their induction.

The whole process is very quick. We can get students in their classrooms learning within 48 hours of receiving a completed referral form.

Online lessons

Sample lesson clips can show you exactly how we work with our students. Interaction takes place through audio, chat box, screen sharing, rich-media activities, whiteboard activities, and more. Virtual Science experiments take place, English compositions reviewed, difficult myths in Psychology are dispelled, educational games are played, mindmaps are enhanced, and we even do a little virtual electronics.

The important thing is that our students are actively engaged in their work with teachers. They are thinking. They are experimenting. They are writing. They are doing all the things they would do in a physical school, but without the distractions present in a large population of students.

Welcome to online learning. 🙂

Exam boards & curriculum

We teach to any exam board and have an extensive KS3, GCSE, and A-Level curriculum that goes well beyond core courses – Psychology, Computing, and Business Studies are among the most popular options.

We also offer Functional Skills and Entry level Certificates.


Our reporting is a serious diagnostic tool that delivers clear attendance and progress updates in each subject. For teacher planning, client insight, and student revision, our reports highlight all the assessment objectives requiring extra focus, as well as those where progress is good.

Behaviour management

In the interest of delivering an enjoyable learning experience and creating an environment conducive to high standards of learning, Apricot recognises the importance of promoting good behaviour and proactively encourages good online etiquette. We self-consciously extend our praise to include how students’ good behaviour will serve them in relationships once they are reunited with their peers in school and in the workplace.