The impact


Apricot improves several outcomes for students, especially attendance and progress. Former non-attenders and low attenders achieve between 84%-100% attendance with Apricot. Students improve their engagement with their own learning through fun, interactive, personalised lessons and through the trusting relationships teachers build with them. Students often comment that they feel safe and secure learning at Apricot because they know they can’t be seen and their teachers really care about them. Most students are successfully reintegrated back to mainstream, special school, or post-16 education.

Case studies

Hear about three very different students who are succeeding in online lessons.

Angie has a number of mental health conditions, including ASD, anxiety, anorexia, and OCD. Though she is extremely high functioning and intelligent, she has minimal faith in her own abilities. She gets quite annoyed with creative tasks, preferring to work independently with facts.

Sam has severe ME. He is very bright and keen to be successful in gaining his GCSEs, but he is unable to cope with too many lessons and, frequently, he can only manage half-an-hour at a time.

Precious suffers from severe anxiety and selective mutism. She does not like being with anyone, even family. Being surrounded by people in mainstream has caused her to refuse to attend.

Client Testimonials

Hear what a variety of settings appreciate about Apricot’s education provision.

  • Re-engaging students
  • Creating new and productive relationships and work routines
  • Achieving qualifications
  • Reintegration to school
  • Helping students to achieve pride in their accomplishments
  • Picking up on the mood of students
  • Teaching with sensitivity
  • Pacing of lessons appropriate for each student
  • Helping students achieve personally as well as academically
  • Personalisation of curriculum
  • Broad curriculum
  • Making sure understanding is taking place
  • Achieving excellent results

Student Testimonials

Hear from our students. They tell us how we have helped them to succeed.

  • Helping them to face their fears
  • Not talking down to them
  • Going out of our way to help
  • Not giving up on them
  • Making them smile every lesson
  • Experiencing absolute joy with exam results

Parents/Carers Testimonials

Hear from parents/carers. From exam results to personal triumphs, parents tell it like it is.

  • Creating enthusiasm for learning
  • Offering interesting lessons
  • Giving encouragement
  • Helping students feel comfortable
  • Creating stability, structure, and focus
  • Learning in the safe environment of the home
  • Gaining courage to start to face life again
  • Offering a smooth, easy process
  • Helping at the hardest time in their child’s life
  • Helping to reinterate to school
  • Having belief in their child
  • Being patient
  • Helping students to achieve their best