Impacts for all


Improving outcomes

Apricot improves several outcomes for students, especially attendance and progress. Former non-attenders and low attenders achieve between 84%-100% attendance with Apricot. Students improve their engagement with their own learning through fun, interactive, personalised lessons and through the trusting relationships teachers build with them.

Students often comment that they feel safe and secure learning at Apricot because they know they can’t be seen and their teachers really care about them. Most students are successfully reintegrated back to mainstream, special school, or post-16 education. When our students have supportive parents/carers, the engagement and reintegration rate is 100%. However, if there is no strong support for students with behaviour issues, that rate is less robust. Taken as a whole, therefore, our reintegration rate is approximately 88%.

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Exam results shared with colleagues.

Our recent focus

Head Teacher Hawkswood Therapeutic School

The Hawkswood students are more self-possessed, more confident, and have better self-discipline as a result of the blended learning opportunities they’ve enjoyed. They exhibit fewer outbursts and self-harming, reduced OCD tendencies, fewer Asperger’s symptoms, and fewer psychotic episodes. The excellent education and support they receive from Apricot, combined with the robust emotional and psychological help they receive from Hawkswood, have given them a real chance in life to grow and flourish as people and future workers or scholars. For the very first time, they are happy and they are proud of their accomplishments.

Ofsted Report

Expectations of academic progress in Mathematics and English are the same as those expected in a mainstream school. The majority of pupils achieve this rate of progress. During their second term, rates of progress for some pupils are accelerated further. Pupils make good progress in a range of subjects, including towards formal qualifications such as GCSEs, because they are taught well at the school. Leaders work closely with an online provider to ensure that the curriculum is developed regularly and remains appropriate for pupils. Following their attendance at Hawkswood, most pupils return successfully to mainstream education.

Academics and beyond

Employability is improved by being educated. English, Maths, and SMSC are embedded in every subject’s scheme of work. Mindfulness starters are often used to set the mood for a lesson. In an effort to teach the whole child, motivation and engagement (M&E) are taken into account through eleven markers: Self-Belief, Valuing Learning, Learning Focus, Planning, Task Management, Persistence, Anxiety, Failure Avoidance, Uncertain Control, Self-Sabotage, and Disengagement. Teachers have access both to informal and formal strategies to assist students with M&E issues.

Progress is made and measured with regard to student attendance, academic attainment, 21st c. Skills (especially confidence and resilience), and Learning Behaviours. Apricot has a 100% Pass Rate. Exam results are obtained by our clients, but only some commissioning agents share those results with Apricot. Many of the results we receive come from parents. The following data shows typical averages of achievement over two different types of student cohorts and represents student tenures of 6 weeks to 1 year.

These results reflect an average increase of 1-2 Grades.

Medical Needs Cohort
(ME, CSF, Scoliosis, etc.)

English – 6
Maths – 7.5
Science – 6
Computer Science – 9
History – 9

SEND and SEMH Cohort

English Language – 6
English Literature – 5.5
Maths – 7
Combined Science – 6 and 6
Computer Science – 5
History – 6