Journey guide

Journey guide

Every journey needs a guide…

Much of what Apricot accomplishes with both homeschooling students and Alternative Provision students is the same. So, take a walk through these chosen pages on our website to find the information you need as parents.

Engagement and behaviour

You can find out how we approach behaviour in our lessons and encourage sustained engagement by clicking the “Learn more” button below. It’s a combination of high expectations, humour, and positive praise.

As a homeschool parent, you have your own referral form – so please use this one rather than the one for schools on the Referral Process page. There are a few things on that page that are more geared towards schools, but most of the information is pertinent. You can download your own referral form by clicking on the download button below.

Safeguarding and Quality Assurance

Wondering about quality and safeguarding for your children online? These are top priorities for us – and (with our child-friendly Acceptable Use Agreement) your child will take their online behaviour seriously as well. Check out what we’re doing for child protection, peruse our school policies, and get to know our quality assurance framework.

Exam Boards & Curriculum

Unlike other providers, we work to all exam boards and offer full GCSEs, as well as a host of A Level courses. Click below for the best place to see all the subjects we teach from KS2 – KS5.

Sample lessons

What does an online lesson look like, you ask? We’ve picked a few activities from several subjects just to give you a flavour of how it all works online. Click the button to take a look at some lesson snippets.

Shared experiences

Find out what other parents are saying about their experiences of Apricot. See what they think of their child’s education, care, and the support they’ve received. Best of all, find out from our students the amazing impact they’ve felt and the success they’ve had in getting their qualifications.



Our reporting simply has to be seen to be believed. You can find everything out by clicking the button below — and download a sample report. We’ve added a progress tracking element this year to our reports so everyone knows whether their student is Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations, or still Working towards Expectations.

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