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Our most recent Open Evening concentrated on the issues both parents and schools experience with medical needs children and how they were able to engage and progress their students through interactive lessons.

Our previous Open Evening focussed on education for mental and medical health needs students – those very high anxiety students, non-attenders, and specifically those with ASD or those on the Autistic spectrum. There is always plenty of time for audience participation through Q&A with our guests and teaching staff.

It was great to see you there!

Client reflects on impact

January 2022 Love Tutoring Festival
How to engage SEND children online

September Open Evening Excerpts
Student-Teacher Relationships
Tailoring lessons to student needs

March Open Evening Excerpts
On student experience
Knowing our students

March Open Evening videos
Short Demo
Parent & School Guest Speakers
Q & A with Teachers

What schools are saying…


SendCo: You picked up on Ben’s mood through what he was typing and that you treated the whole lesson with sensitivity. That is much appreciated. Ben also is really enjoying the pace at which the lessons are going and that you ask permission when taking over his screen. So, a huge thank you for making your lessons enjoyable and absolutely suited to a delicate student. It is really very much appreciated.

Therapeutic School: Our students have been re-engaged with their education. They have created new and productive relationships and work routines. They are progressing academically and personally. They are achieving qualifications they would not otherwise have been able to earn and are being reintegrated into mainstream schools. They are now more self-possessed, more confident, and have better self-discipline as a result of the blended learning opportunities they’ve enjoyed. They exhibit fewer outbursts and self-harming, reduced OCD tendencies, fewer Asperger’s symptoms, and fewer psychotic episodes. For the very first time, they are happy and they are proud of their accomplishments.

School: Overall, we have seen a relaxed girl who is being much more sociable at home. Personally, I think this is allowing her to study at her own pace with no distractions, so will help her reach her potential in multiple subjects. She really doesn’t think she is very clever, as she has been comparing herself to peers in school. If she was achieving high results in school with such high anxiety and sensory challenges, then I think we will see her real potential through Apricot. I also know that taking the 1:1 approach is the most appropriate for her right now.

TA: I just wanted to pass on how impressed I am with Carrie’s History lessons. They are so well structured and the teacher always ensures Carrie has understood what has been taught. This is a massive thing for Carrie, as she will say she understands when she probably hasn’t. Credit where credit is due.

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