Taster Sessions

Taster sessions

Take a byte of us

Join us for a taster sessions and experience our fun, safe, and engaging lessons. Our qualified teachers love what they can do in the online classroom – and so will your children.

Every Wednesday

10am — Science Taster Lesson

12pm — English Taster Lesson

Register now for your free online lessons with Apricot. Make sure to select “Scheduling a taster sessions” on the contact form. 🙂

Active lessons
Science animations
English WordWall

How to use protractors
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How we handle questions

Drag-n-drop Science
Descriptive writing
Using Venn diagrams
Ofsted to inspect online education
Ofsted to inspect online education
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Social investment providing accessible education for all
Social investment providing accessible education for all
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Apricot's Secret Sauce
Apricot's Secret Sauce
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