The benefits

The benefits

Benefits for all

  • Focus on success for all
  • Quality assurance
  • Safe learning environment
  • Live and comprehensive reporting
  • All exam boards for a broad curriculum
  • Personalised learning and pathways
  • Reintegration of students
  • Credible alternative to exclusion
  • Save on travel costs
  • Proven success

Who to refer and why

Apricot is for students who have disengaged from the learning process and are not accessing mainstream education fulltime or who are in danger of exclusion or becoming NEET. Our students often have gaps in their education due to medical needs and/or mental health issues.

Student-teacher relationships are strongly built on care for the whole child. Lessons are highly interactive and engaging, relevant to real life, and embedded with English, Maths, and SMSC.

Why it works

Our teachers continually listen to their students and are constantly adjusting their lessons to meet their students’ needs. Our students’ capabilities, interests, levels of engagement, and potential all contribute to the tailoring of their lessons. Our fresh start policy means that students don’t have to worry about their relationships with their teachers. Distractions are removed in the online classroom environment. Students have a degree of control and anonymity. And aspirations are often raised by a completely new start.

Re-engaging students

All of our students come to us with issues affecting their learning:

  • Mental, social, emotional, or physical health issues, learning difficulties (including Autism and Asperger’s)
  • Challenging life circumstances,
  • Refusal to attend school
  • Excluded or at risk of exclusion

Each student has their own needs. Some may be able to join your own small group (10 max), while other may benefit from 1:1 lessons. Our programmes are designed to maximise engagement for unwilling, wary, or challenged students.

We provide a re-engagement service of education provision from KS2-KS5, where learners are introduced to highly participatory lessons online. These interactive lessons help to cultivate relationships quickly, enhance student motivation, and build confidence through a variety of rich-media techniques and AFL.

Reluctant and excluded students

Students that have experienced trouble in schools, especially due to their behaviour, have responded very well to learning online. In the first instance, the anonymity students and teachers enjoy online creates a healthy distance for them both. It is a much less confrontational space to inhabit and students have responded by behaving quite well in lessons.

Apricot’s provision has been developed specifically to re-engage reluctant learners – those who have been permanently excluded from school, those at risk of exclusion, or in danger of becoming NEET. Some of our students are on the edge of society, either already engaged in offending or likely to be. Our programmes are designed to be totally interactive, meaning that unwilling learners are more likely to engage with their own learning. The visually stimulating and highly participatory nature of our lessons also helps those with learning difficulties. Courses are broken into small chunks, allowing learners to achieve quickly and regularly. The regularity of their achievements is also highly motivating for them.