Who to refer and why

Who to refer and why

Who is Apricot Education for?
  • Students who have disengaged from the learning process
  • Students who are not accessing mainstream education
  • Students with special education needs (SEND) and those that have been impacted by trauma
  • Students who are excluded or are in danger of exclusion
  • Students at risk of becoming NEET
  • Students with medical needs
  • Students with social, emotional, or mental health needs
  • Students with gaps in their education
  • Students who need their education tailored to their particular interests and needs
  • Students seeking GCSEs, Further Education, or seeking to qualify for higher education
  • Students lacking the necessary skills for employability
Features of Apricot Education
  • Access to the National Curriculum for core subjects and expanded curriculum, including Computing, Psychology, Business Studies, and the like
  • English, Maths, and SMSC are embedded in all lessons
  • Interactive and engaging lessons designed for the ability and age of the child
  • Skills that employers want to increase employability
  • Lessons that are relevant to the real world
  • 1:1 or your own small groups available
  • Flexibility to timetable our lessons alongside other courses, apprenticeships, regular appointments, or vocational programmes
  • In-depth Student Progress Tracking reports

Online learning might be just right for your students
  • Interactive and immersive learning games inspire students to engage with learning – used in lessons and available on the learning platform.
  • Online learning affords a degree of control to students with difficulty in facing direct learning or those who have classroom anxieties.
  • The degree of anonymity offered by the online classroom provides comfort and confidence for those suffering education related anxieties.
  • Aspirations are often raised by a completely new start – with new teachers and the potential for collaboration with new peers.
  • We’ve got street cred – technology is intrinsic to youth culture. Children are naturally motivated to engage with the online world and respond positively to the enhanced learning experience offered by our lessons.
  • Online classrooms are compelling learning environments – removing the distractions of a physical classroom and replacing them with interactive resources increases attention span and focus on educational tasks.
  • Consistent use of the internet/PC for learning fully familiarises students with the ICT skills needed to enable them to find work in our technology-driven world.
  • Our web-based provision can be accessed from anywhere there is a computer with a  broadband connection and is ideal for refusers and those with social issues, travel issues, or the requirement of a flexible timetable.
  • School comes to the student wherever they may be – offering flexibility and overcoming logistical issues and related costs.
  • Greater parental engagement. Parental involvement in education is enabled through our learning platform. Parents and carers can track attendance, progress, and homework assignments to support their child’s journey.

QA Audit 2021

The provider demonstrates a clear moral purpose and sense of mission. It specialises in reaching students whose challenges and overlapping needs act as barriers to learning and progress. The provider is inclusive and its desire to engage and support young people in being the best that they can be, is a thread that runs throughout the wide range of areas scrutinised in this QA. The provider works hard to create a nurturing space that holds marginalised students into learning.

Teaching in virtual classrooms allows students struggling with the pressures of mainstream schooling to ‘be themselves’ more easily. The provider is experienced in making virtual learning active and in developing resilience and independence through increased engagement.

The provider has well developed systems in place to ensure the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning. A real focus on pedagogy supports teachers in the development of teaching skills that engage students in active learning in a virtual environment. This commitment to professional development and the high retention rate of teachers at Apricot, should give commissioning schools confidence in the quality of provision.

The provider offers a variety of pricing models. Its curriculum offer is flexible and there are opportunities for commissioning schools to create a blended package of provision with the provider.