Why choose Apricot?

Why choose Apricot?

What makes Apricot successful for you and your children?

Perhaps the first thing to mention is that you don’t have to play the role of the teacher – so relax about that. We get on with the lessons so you can go back to asking your children, “How was school today?” A second overarching benefit is that all lessons are timetabled. That can give you and your family back some real structure and stability each week. No matter what they say, kids like routine. Having live, timetabled lessons – and providing all the teaching and resources needed for learning – creates a real daily structure to follow.

Interactive teaching

Once students are in their online classrooms, we engage them – and keep them engaged. Rather than talking at our students, we get our students actively clicking and drawing and writing and so much more. We create learning games and simulations. They just love it. It’s fun and interactive. And, with our immediate feedback on their work, students progress as an astounding pace. Now, how do our teachers handle student’s questions? Take a look at the video to see.

Click and go activities
A Levels

So many students find it difficult to find A Level tutors, especially in the three sciences. At Apricot, our Sixth Form has you covered:

Maths – Biology – Chemistry – Physics – Computer Science – Economics – English Language – English Literature – English Literature and Language – History – Media Studies – Psychology – Sociology

Teaching the whole child

While our principal remit is to teach academic content; we teach the whole child. Every child’s needs are taken into account. So we progress our students in 21st c. life skills: confidence, resilience, engagement, and effort. Our measures are recorded on a weekly basis and are included in our reports.

We also work with our students on their Learning Behaviours, like listening skills, ability to ask for help appropriately, doing homework on time, and the like. These are measured on a termly basis and are also included in our reports.

Of course, student work is always aligned with course-specific assessment objectives (AOs) and each of these AOs are included in our reporting. This gives teachers, parents, and students a crystal clear picture of where they have strengths and where they have weaknesses in each subject.

Quality Assured

Apricot undergoes regular quality assurance audits by a variety of LAs and councils. We have been awarded Approved Provider status on frameworks across the country. Every aspect of our online school is analysed, including safeguarding – teaching – impact for students – financial viability – insurance, etc.  We have been vetted by the best and proved the quality of our provision.

Dave explains how we handle student questions
Interactive platform

Our learning platform is not a dead repository of documents. It is quite interactive. Subject pages contains lesson content slides, videos, polls, interactive activities, links to more interactives, and on and on. We actually purchase a dozen subscriptions for our teachers and students to use that are all free to you.

Keep clicking and keep engaged – keep engaged and keep learning.

Proven Success

Whether your child needs to move up a grade, improve attendance, overcome learning barriers, or simply keep up with their school, Apricot has a strategy for securing success. Many students will make at least one grade level of progress in just a few weeks or months (depending on how often they have lessons). All of our GCSE students pass their exams and the vast majority achieve a Grade 5 or above.

Safeguarding and child protection

At Apricot, your children are safe. We start with safer recruitment and employment practices, requiring enhanced DBS clearance of all staff and teachers. Both Directors of Apricot are DSLs (Designated Safeguarding Leads). And you have access to HQ any time you have a concern.

All personal details are protected through GDPR compliance. Our learning platform is encrypted for security. And our online classroom can only be accessed through the secure platform, with an additional layer of human authentication before students can enter their lessons.

Once inside the classroom, we have disallowed all webcams so your child’s image will never be seen or recorded. All lessons are recorded, annonymising participants. And we don’t use breakout rooms because no camera in any classroom software can follow all the participants into each breakout room.

All subscriptions are free – all activities are fun

Doddle (all subjects) – eChalk – Mindomo – Storyboard That – Quizlets – MyMaths – Mangahigh Maths – Gizmos Maths – Gizmos Science – Science Bits – Educake Science – Focus Science – Active History – Teach-ICT/Computing

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