Alternative online education provision for vulnerable young people
Building confidence through exciting education methods
Endowing young people with the skills needed for the world of work
Inspirational provision reaches for the skies to broaden horizons
Confidence building preparation to ensure exam success

Apricot Online Live online learning in real time

Working in accord with all Ofsted 2011 recommendations for alternative online learning

Live online learning: working directly with mainstream/independent schools, PRUs, Hospital Schools, Parents, and Education Authorities.

Apricot Online is a leading provider of live, online learning. We teach pupils aged 8-18 who require alternative or extra provision for short or long periods of time. Pupils may be unable to attend school due to illness, exclusion or refusal – or they may require quality 1:1 input for catch-up or examination boost. Our team of teachers are all fully qualified in their subject area but equally highly skilled in dealing with a wide range of pupil needs. They are specifically recruited for their ability to engage pupils who may be unwell, unfocused, disengaged or have had difficult experiences within mainstream education.


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