Schools & LAs
April 24, 2023

Online school offers help so “teachers can keep on teaching”

With hundreds of thousands of secondary school students stuck at home from today (Friday), one online school is offering a solution to the potential education gap that may stretch until September.

Apricot Online provides online classrooms to schools that allow students to continue their education normally during the shutdown. The established online education specialist has been providing such services for many years to schools and local education authorities to help students who cannot attend mainstream school due to mental or physical health issues. Now it’s opening its doors to all schools and students during the Covid-19 health crisis.

“With modern technology such as this, there is absolutely no reason why every student’s education cannot continue normally,” says MD Amy Smith. “Using Apricot’s online classrooms, teachers and students can interact normally; and for kids, the online realm is a familiar one! Teachers can keep on teaching, students can keep on learning, and normal education can continue despite the crisis. We just do things a little differently from now on.”

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