Our Mission Statement

We want our students to be successful in both life and learning

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The Apricot Vision

We aim to provide for our students in four basic ways:
Reengagement with learning
A process of getting back into learning after a period of disengagement. This can be difficult, but it is possible with the right approach.
Recognition of self-worth
There are many benefits to recognizing your self-worth. When you believe in yourself, you are more likely to set and achieve your goals.
Reintegration to school, where possible
This can be a difficult process, but it is important for the student's academic and social well-being. Whatever the reason, it is important to address the underlying issues before the student can return to school.
Replacement of school, where necessary
The process of finding a new school for a student who is not able to continue attending their current school. This can be due to a number of factors, such as bullying, academic problems, or family relocation.
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Meet our dedicated team

Apricot is a team of dedicated educators passionate about improving their students’ lives – and loving every minute of it.

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Our Teachers

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Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.
“I just wanted to thank you and the teachers for the work you are doing with Liam.  It’s hard to believe this time last year he could not leave the house due to so many anxiety attacks which led him to stop eating. Apricot has been an absolute miracle for him. Not only him, but me as well.

I am so happy to see my son actually look forward to lessons and then ask for more! This is something that he has never done and this is the first time that Liam has ever shown any excitement or enthusiasm for learning. That is a huge hurdle for him as emotions are difficult for him.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

Why Apricot?

Safe and structured environment
We aim to provide a holistic, warm environment where learners feel respected, nurtured, and safe. We embrace and accommodate diversity among learners. The distractions and anxieties our students associate with traditional classrooms are mitigated in online lessons. Our personalised timetables reintroduce learning as a regular feature in our students’ lives – bridging the gap between home and school – paving the way for a return to mainstream education.
Valuing self and relationships
We teach both the child and the subject. Emphasis is placed on mutual respect and building sound relationships between teachers and students while maintaining high expectations.   Our students feel secure, respected, and supported. Their confidence and resilience is built over their tenure with Apricot, affording them new opportunities to re-engage with their own learning process – effectively re-inventing themselves as learners.
Meeting needs and gathering skills
Whether gaps in learning, high anxiety, self-regulation, or any other issue that has brought your young person to Apricot, our teachers are able and willing to help them overcome their barriers to learning. Building trust is a crucial first step. Listening to students in order to tailor lesson content and pace is a close second. Building resilience, confidence, and academic skills are a close third. We understand that learning becomes possible when the whole child is considered.
“I am just writing a quick note to say how wonderful your lovely teachers are!

When faced with situations like today, where Serena was unable to do some of her lessons due to anxiety and, consequently, very little sleep,they were supportive, understanding and helpful in equal proportions. What a refreshing change for me to also feel supported rather than being made to feel like a co-contributor to Serena’s awful school attendance rate!

I am so pleased to have found Apricot! I am convinced that it will be the making of Serena!”