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August 24, 2023

Reporting par excellance

Data that drives lesson planning

Our reporting is a serious diagnostic tool that delivers clear attendance and progress updates in each subject. For teacher planning, client insight, and student revision, our reports highlight all the assessment objectives requiring extra focus, as well as those where progress is good or outstanding.

Our learning platform also provides teachers with several data driven models of progress. Beyond out Report Cards, teachers have access to: student trending graphs, assessment objective and grade progress analysis, and reporting across subjects. These enable each subject teacher to review progress in other subjects taken and to consult with those teachers when needed. Data driven curriculum is not our primary focus, but we recognise the benefits of having this capability and utilise it in curriculum and lesson planning.

Attendance is accessible in real time on our learning platform and is also reported, with student progress, in our Report Cards.

See a sample term report here.

In-depth progression evidence

Weekly: Measures are made throughout each course of study regarding academic progress and attainment (re: grades and assessment objectives), as well as 21st c. Skills.

Half-Termly: Learning Behaviours are assessed and reported.

Termly: Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are conducted that focus on each student’s particular needs – academic and learning behaviours. Two to three targets are set and an action plan outlining how students can achieve these targets is recorded. All stakeholders can access these reports. Teacher comments include the following:

  • Previous Targets Revisited – specifying where targets have and have not been met
  • Our Focus – specifying the topics/work covered during the term
  • Progress Made – specifying progress made in AOs, 21st c. Skills, and Learning Behaviours
  • Learning Issues – highlight any issues of learning
  • Achieve More – Specifying how to achieve the next level of progress or grade

Involving students in regular discussions of progression “next steps” keeps them concentrated, informed, and invested in their own learning. The rapid progress they are able to make with Apricot further motivates them.

Apricot has a 100% Pass Rate. Exam results are obtained by our clients, but only some commissioning agents share those results with Apricot. Many of the results we receive come from parents. Typical student achievement with tenures of 6 weeks to 1 year reflects an average increase of 1-2 Grades.

See how to access student reports here.

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