David Bignell, BA, PGCE


I have been teaching for nearly 15 years and joined Apricot’s English and Humanities department in 2017. Prior to that I taught English and Drama in secondary schools. 

At Apricot, I can concentrate on the students’ individual needs and give them the time and focus they deserve, as well as demonstrate to the students the value of perseverance. I have encountered many students that frequently ‘give up’ and often it is because someone has ‘given up’ on them. Showing them that something is possible and achievable can give a student a huge sense of confidence and self-worth and I am very conscientious in applying this in my teaching.

My background in drama has enabled me to bring unique skills to the classroom environment, both in-person and online – to engage and inspire the students I work with. Drama can be used to entertain, but it can also be a valuable tool in enhancing students’ confidence, improving communication skills,and processing challenging life experiences in a safe environment.

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