Ian Attridge, B Eng, PGCE

Head of Maths & Computer Science

At university I studied Electronic Engineering and Mathematics. My career began with BT on an early form of internet for business. I have also worked using C++ as a development language for the software industry.

I changed gears and studied to be a teacher in 1991.  I have taught Maths, Computing, French, Physics, and Technology for 31 years. I joined Apricot in 2016 and since 2018 have been the head of the Mathematics and Computing.

I love the informality of Apricot. The teacher is a colleague not a boss. Students call me by my first name and I feel this brings us educationally closer. And I can work with students in varied ways. We have access to a large number of rich-media interactive subscriptions.  So, if a student doesn't like one then we can try another, teaching through mutual choice and agreement.  This is why Apricot ALWAYS works in my experience.

When I’m not teaching, I’m relaxing with my two sight hounds: a greyhound called Shay and a lurcher called Dasher.

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