Kara Bignell-Bird


I been teaching since 1993 I jumped on board with Apricot in 2020 and haven’t looked back. My colleagues are my four lovely cats who sometimes like to get involved in lessons by standing on the keyboard or my head. So helpful!

Teaching online for Apricot is very freeing.  I can tailor lessons to the learners' needs and make lessons fun. I can make lessons quieter. I can make lessons louder. I can make lessons exactly what the student needs and that is something rare in today’s world.

Students with additional needs are well served in the online classroom.

.....Don’t want to speak? No problem – just use the chat box.

.....Need a particular delivery style? No problem, I can adjust lessons for you.

.....Worried or nervous? That’s ok – I’ve got you!

For additional needs, it’s so important to get to know the student and listen… They always know exactly what they need from you.

Students at Apricot are lovely and it’s so powerful to see confidence and ability grow after many have had so many negative experiences with a school setting.

Life is never dull outside of the world of Apricot. I freelance for an organisation called Yeovil Art Space and to date have run events and creative writing workshops. I belong to another organisation called ‘Yeovil LETS’ which is a goods and services exchange scheme with our own currency. I help my partner run his side line ‘Reclamation Creations,’ where he re-imagines old wood into new pieces.

Family is really important to me. All my children are grownup, but we are such a close-knit family and laugh together a lot. I have two additions now in the form of step children – one of whom lives with me and I am so blessed with the way our family has blended so beautifully.

My guilty pleasure is a good old pub quiz and visiting different parts of the UK and when I can.

I wouldn’t change my life for the world.

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