Patricia Heather, BSc (hons), MSc, PGCE

Head of Science

I have been teaching Science for 20 years and joined Apricot in 2015.

Teaching online makes personalisation a reality – so each student, whether in a 1:1 lesson or in a small group lesson, has a unique experience. There are also fewer distractions online and the flexibility within a lesson to support individual learning requirements. These are real positives and allows us to work in a really collaborative way.

One of the best things about online learning is that we can change passive learners into active learners through the interactives on our platform and in lessons, but also by offering them choices that encourage ownership of their own learning.

I am a keen baker and enjoy trying out different bread recipes. I have a Springer Spaniel who needs plenty of walks and keeps me fit for weekly netball sessions. In my spare time you’ll find me watching live performance, on a stage or in a field.

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