Steph Anderson, BA, PGCE, MA


With over ten years of teaching English, film,and media under my belt, I've worked with all kinds of students. After over a decade at a sixth form college, I decided to start tutoring students outside of the traditional school set up to really focus on their students’ individual needs. I was delighted to join Apricot in 2023.

Every student has their own way of learning so I try to be a patient and flexible teacher, getting to know each student to help them in the way that works best for them. My goal is to build a student’s confidence and give them the skills to succeed in school and life. Moving learning online is a great way for students and teachers to be able to focus on learning (rather than what outfit they’re going to wear that day or what’s happening with the train strikes). As someone with ADHD myself, I have personal understanding and experience of some of the barriers to learning that neurodiverse learners face in accessing conventional education. Throughout my career I’ve worked with students with a range of needs and have learned how important it is to work with those learning differences and not against them.

When I'm not teaching, you can usually find me reading, writing, crafting, walking, or swimming – anything to relax and recharge. I love learning too; I recently completed a Master’s degree in creative writing and I’m currently learning Hungarian! Sadly – unlike most of my Apricot colleagues – I don’t currently have any pets, but I’m working on it….

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