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Just a short message to give you some feedback from this week.

Charlotte has settled into her timetable.  She has not yet spoken online, but enjoys using the chat. It may take some time for her to talk online; but don’t worry, she is very engaged. She is enjoying covering some of the basics in English and Maths – she said it’s good to cover some of the early stuff that you sometimes doubt yourself on. The technology is very easy for her and she hasn’t minded me looking over her shoulder every now and again today.

Her comment is, “It is good.” This is positive.

Overall, we have seen a relaxed girl who is being much more sociable at home. Personally, I think this is allowing her to study at her own pace with no distractions, so will help her reach her potential in multiple subjects. She really doesn’t think she is very clever, as she has been comparing herself to peers in school. If she was achieving high results in school with such high anxiety and sensory challenges, then I think we will see her real potential through Apricot. I also know that taking the 1:1 approach is the most appropriate for her right now.

LA Virtual School

Olivia says that she has done more work here this week than she ever did at school!


We have been very pleased with the service offered. It has allowed us to access subjects we cannot normally offer in homes, such as modern foreign languages, and to increase the number of hours of education for isolated learners. For pupils with conditions such as chronic fatigue, they can access the lessons from their beds and it has allowed them continuity of education.

Therapeutic School

Hawkswood’s students have been re-engaged with their education. They have created new and productive relationships and work routines. They are progressing academically and personally. They are achieving qualifications they would not otherwise have been able to earn. Hawkswood students are being reintegrated into mainstream schools and can now follow a progression route to a Sixth Form College, which can lead to meaningful employment or higher education.

They are now more self-possessed, more confident, and have better self-discipline as a result of the blended learning opportunities they’ve enjoyed. They exhibit fewer outbursts and self-harming, reduced OCD tendencies, fewer Asperger’s symptoms, and fewer psychotic episodes. The excellent education and support they receive from Apricot, combined with the robust emotional and psychological help they receive from Hawkswood, have given them a real chance in life to grow and flourish as people and future workers or scholars. For the very first time, they are happy and they are proud of their accomplishments.

School A

You may well have been told, but James gained an A* in English Language and a B in Literature. It shows the Apricot system really does work. This, added to his A in RE, B in Art, and a C gained last year in Maths, means he was absolutely delighted. Thank you for all your help.

School B

Ella’s coursework, especially given her situation, was impressive. In terms of likely grades, we put her Literature in an area that was an A last year and her Language piece on the line between A/A*. Of course, AQA may moderate those scores down, or alter the grade boundaries, but I hope this doesn’t happen. Irrespective of anything AQA might do, Ella (and you) have done extremely well.

Local Authority

Pupils are enjoying sessions, which is a good indicator. We got Outstanding in our recent Ofsted across the board and were praised for the diversity, flexibility, and personalisation of our curriculum, including the use of electronic learning.


Both Ben & the HLTA who supports Ben were really impressed and enjoyed today’s lesson. The HLTA, in particular, could not praise you enough – she said that you picked up on Ben’s mood through what he was typing and that you treated the whole lesson with sensitivity. That is much appreciated. Ben also is really enjoying the pace at which the lessons are going and that you ask permission when taking over his screen. So, a huge thank you for making your lessons enjoyable and absolutely suited to a delicate student. It is really very much appreciated.

Teaching Assistant

I just wanted to pass on how impressed I am with Carrie’s History lessons. They are so well structured and the teacher always ensures Carrie has understood what has been taught. This is a massive thing for Carrie, as she will say she understands when she probably hasn’t. Credit where credit is due.